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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Dallas L-1 Visa Lawyer

Dallas L-1 Visa Lawyer

Under rules established by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), a noncitizen may come to the US to work for a temporary period of time through an L-1 visa. A foreign company that has a presence in the US can apply for an intracompany transfer for an employee, and two categories of temporary workers may qualify. As with other visas issued by USCIS, there are restrictions on the duration of stay and special rules for spouses and children.

Whether you are the employer or employee for an L-1 intracompany transfer visa, the application process can be overwhelming. You must coordinate efforts in the US and abroad, so it is wise to retain experienced legal counsel for assistance. Our team at BBA Immigration is prepared to support your needs, as immigration law is our firm’s core practice area. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Dallas L-1 Visa lawyer. An overview of the laws that apply to these visas is also helpful.

Types of L-1 Visas

Within the L-1 category, there are two types of intracompany transfers that may qualify a foreign worker for a visa.

  1. An employer may petition for an L-1A to transfer an executive or manager from a foreign office to a location in the US. By executive or manager, the point is whether the employee has control over decision-making without oversight.
  2. When transferring a professional employee with specialized knowledge from an office outside the US, the employer applies for an L-1B visa. Specialized knowledge refers to having an in-depth understanding about the employer’s product, service, research, equipment, techniques, management, or other interests.

Additional Facts About L-1 Visas

A few other points about these visas may help you understand how they work.

  • With both types, the transfer could be for purposes of opening a new office in the US when the employer does not already have one.
  • The length of stay when establishing a new office is 1 year, and other L-1 visa holders have up to 3 years for the initial period. L-1A and L-1B visa holders may request an extension of stay for up to 7 or 5 years, respectively.
  • Spouses and children under 21 years old may accompany the L-1 visa holder through an L-2 visa.

Legal Help with L-1 Visa Applications

Parties on both sides of the intracompany transfer will benefit from guidance from a Dallas L-1 lawyer. BBA Immigration will consult with you about goals and assess eligibility for different visas. Our tasks also include:

  • Gathering evidence to prove the employer and prospective employee qualify;
  • Competing all forms and submitting them to USCIS; and,
  • Maintaining compliance with immigration laws, including filing extensions of stay.

Consult with a Dallas L-1 Attorney to Learn More

As you can see, legal help is crucial for avoiding mistakes and delays for intracompany transfer visas. To ensure a smooth process, please contact BBA Immigration to set up a consultation. Our Texas L-1 Visa lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the laws and extensive experience working with USCIS, so we are ready to serve your needs.

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