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Thank you very much

It was an excellent management of the immigration process until the objective was achieved. Now we have the approval of our residence application and only the shortest part of the entire process is missing. Thank you very much for your professionalism and dedication.

German F.

I would recommend Diego Bustillos and the BBA Immigration team

BBA Immigration did an excellent job on getting my EB2-NIW approved. Given the global uncertainty in regards moving across borders in 2020; the extra effort that the BBA Immigration team made to complete and submit my application timely during the beginning of the pandemic was a critical aspect in my specific case. My family and I needed a way to remain legally in the US, and the BBA team made it possible.

Another key factor of the success of my application, was how the BBA Immigration team managed to link the achievements and experiences of my 20 years’ career in the O&G industry with actual US policy, and requirements which is the key to get any NIW application approved. I remember being pleasantly surprised when I read the first draft of the NIW letter produced by BBA Immigration.

I would recommend Diego Bustillos and the BBA Immigration team, for EB2-NIW applications, in fact I have already recommended them to several people, and some of them already got their NIW approved as well.

Juan S.

Their team is zealous, honest & well regarded

BBA Law is it! If you have any immigration matter and you want to make sure your rights are protected, or your clients are in the best hands possible, look no further. Their team is zealous, honest & well regarded - they will take the time to make sure nothing is overlooked and you are set up to get the best outcome possible.

Erika R.M.

Estamos agradecidos por su atención y ayuda

Estamos muy conformes y agradecidos con las asistencia de Adriana para la presentación del formulario de petición familiar I-130. Debido a la pandemia, el trámite llevó mucho más tiempo del esperado y siempre contamos con la pronta respuesta de Adriana para aclarar nuestras consultas tanto mediante conversaciones como correos. Estamos agradecidos por su atención y ayuda.

Bernardo U.

She worked tirelessly

Without the help of the BBA Immigration, I know that I would not have had the successful outcomes I have had. Adriana Bello took on an extremely difficult case and encountered issues that no one expected, and few had ever seen. She worked tirelessly to make sure that the truth was told and presented it perfectly. Her legal skill is great and thanks to her expertise, strategy, and the help of the firm we were able to get my permanent Residence approved. She answers the phone all the time and gives good advice for everything that you need. I am proud to be a BBA Law client and will continue to retain them for all legal matters that may arise as I know I am in the best hands. "I highly recommend BBA Law if you want results!

Juan T.

I fully recommend working with this group

My experience with the firm has been very positive, from the beginning Diego was very clear about the process, strategy and very important "The Cost". He kept to word what we planned at the beginning by giving details on how to proceed with my case. He was able to find the best argument to push for the strongest case which resulted in a very expedite approval. Diego and his team were always in touch, easy to reach.

There are no small letters in the contract, I fully recommend working with this group. Thanks for all the support given!

Rafael N.

Amazing job

Outstanding professionalism! I had a previous bad experience with a different lawyer who prepared a National Interest Waiver (NIW) on my behalf, and it was rejected due to a poor presentation. Somebody recommended me Diego Bustillos and it was a totally different experience, since Diego did an amazing job which was approved in a few months.

Definitely, I recommend Bustillo, Bello and Associates to keep peace on mind during your whole immigration process.

Sebastian L.

Like no other attorney

I am an IT professional with 20 years' experience in the Energy sector. I decided to do my process with BBA following many successful cases from my colleagues, and my own case was not an exception. My application for EB2-NIW is now approved. BBA worked tirelessly throughout the most challenging time - the pandemic - to get my application completed and submitted before my working visa expired. For that alone I am already grateful to BBA. Their process is highly organized and well-documented, so my pro tip for you is follow the process, do your diligence as quickly and complete as possible, and let BBA do their job. No doubt they will prepare the best application like no other attorney.

Alan B.

Very professional and knowledgeable

From the beginning of my process, Diego Bustillos advice was invaluable to me. Diego was very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. He guided me through my EB2 NIW process which was approved in a shorter time than I was expecting. He explained me each step very detailed and always available to answer my questions. He spent time reviewing my professional background and I am impressed with his experience on my area de expertise (Oil and Gas industry) what contributed to guide me through the process with a professional criterion. The quality and organization of the documentation is indisputable. I recommend to Diego Bustillos in immigration process…. highly skilled.

Ivonne M.

Nuestra experiencia, con el bufete ha sido placenteramente maravillosa

Nuestra experiencia, con el bufete ha sido placenteramente maravillosa, ellos nos suministraron una respuesta a cada caso presentado, permitiéndonos tener una visión más amplia en nuestros planes.

Luani A.

I would highly recommend BBA Law group

I was referred to BBA Law ( Diego) by one of my colleagues. Being a South Asian ( Pakistani Passport) I was not aware of anything about EB2-NIW program.

I came to US on work visa through an Energy Company and reached out to Diego back in April 2019. From our first meeting Diego was able to deliver what can be done what cant be done. He never gave false hopes but he always use to say " Everything looks good and higher chances we will get it"

Pandemic came in April 2020 and i got Laid off. While been on L1A means i had to leave but Diego guided us with what can be done and helped us in getting expedited EAD and AP. 2 years down the road and i am now a Happy Immigrant with help from Diego and BBA group.

They have a great group of people who answer all your queries and guide you through the process. I would highly recommend BBA Law group for any Immigration matters due to their dedication, Transparency and Great experience.

Jibreel H.

Always professional, frank, and specially trustworthy

I worked with Adriana and her law firm and the service was outstanding all the way. Adriana, particularly, was always at hand, very response and always ready to answer the 1 million questions we had during the process. She was always professional, frank, and specially trustworthy. I fully recommend her in your process to achieve your own American Dream!

Pablo Z.

Expertise and professionalism

I strongly recommend Diego and BBA Immigration for any immigration matters. Diego’s expertise and professionalism were instrumental in getting my EB2 NIW application approved. He and his team were very efficient and helped me build a solid visa petition. They actively followed up on my case and answered all my questions and concerns. I advise contacting Diego and his firm for any immigration counseling/service.

Any O.

I have recommended Diego to several friends

Diego Bustillos and his team were very effective and supportive in preparing our family's US permanent residence applications. He is very well-versed in understanding how to build a case and maximize the likelihood of success. He provided us with regular advice throughout the process and patiently guided us on addressing some challenges we had at some point in the process. I have recommended Diego to several friends resting assured that they are in good hands. I genuinely recommend Diego's services for immigration matters.

Arturo B.

I strongly recommend

My experience working with Diego as an immigration attorney was outstanding. From our first meeting, he was able to develop a strategy and was able to clearly articulate and explain complex aspects related to information management/technology in the oil and gas industry. His knowledge and thoroughness were the key to gaining a successful green card petition for me and my family. Equally as important is Diego's commitment to his clients; he was always available to answer my calls and emails. He was there to inform and explain each stage of the petition process in detail. I strongly recommend... read more

Guillermo C.

My family is free to be in the USA as much time as we want

Bustillo, Bello & Associates definitely is the way to go if you want to get your permanent immigration status in the USA. The strategy explained and executed is bulletproof. I realized that each of those clear steps and all paperwork generated by this law firm is the way to do things. We were pursuing my permanent residency for the last 1.5 years. Now, My family is free to be in the USA as much time as we want. Thanks, Lord for all the blessings, and Good Job.

Damian T.

The best decision I made to be successful

I am delighted with the service received from Diego. He was very knowledgeable and professional in finding the best way to present my immigration case to avoid delays or any other issues during the evaluation process. I have realized that choosing BBA Immigration and Diego Bustillos was the best decision I made to be successful with my case. I honestly recommend working with Diego Bustillos.

Jose Z.

Very experienced professional, well versed on immigration matters

I am writing this recommendation referral for Diego Bustillos and BBA (Bustillos, Bello and Associates) team based on the services provided to my family with regards to US permanent residence application. This long, extensive and complex process was handled by Diego and his team in a highly professional way. I liked their continuous diligence and transparency, a thorough explanation in the initial stage when the entire process with respective timelines and costs were provided (and honored till the end). Many attorneys or firms can provide similar services but when challenges are faced a knowledgeable and experienced professional can make the difference, difference to setup a strategy and workarounds to make your case a successful one. Diego is a very experienced professional, well versed on immigration matters. I really felt comfortable working with him throughout the whole process and therefore I strongly recommend Diego and BBA services.

Sussumu N.

Paid close attention to detail

Diego is a very dedicated and humane person, always providing his best and correct legal advice. He also demonstrated a particular knowledge in the area of exploration and production of hydrocarbons for the oil and gas industry, which proved to be very valuable in the process of requesting my residence. Diego also paid close attention to detail, being able to focus on the more particular aspects of the process that required more time and effort to generate a solid and consistent result. He was very tolerant and understanding during the most critical moments of the process. I would definitely recommend Diego as an immigration attorney

Carlos J.

The success was not by chance

I consider myself lucky to have contracted the legal assistance services of Dr. Diego Bustillos (…) the success was not by chance, but the product of an orderly, systematic and well-managed teamwork (…) Diego used the supporting documents that I delivered with great judgment and professionalism. The status of my case was regularly reported, and I was particularly impressed with the quality of the final documents submitted, which referenced all the supporting documents provided in a methodical manner (….)

Sergio C.

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