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Joaquin Cullen

Joaquin Cullen

Foreign Associate

Joaquin Cullen is a foreign associate at our firm, with a Bachelor of Laws from Austral University and is admitted to practice in Argentina. He is currently finalizing his Master’s Degree in Criminal Law at the University of Buenos Aires. Joaquin’s academic excellence was highlighted by a scholarship at Abat Oliba CEU in Barcelona, awarded for his victorious paper in a cybercrime competition titled “Challenges of International Cooperation in Cybercrime.”

Joaquin’s professional background is distinguished by his experience at Mitrani Caballero Ruiz Moreno, a top law firm in Argentina. He has also served in significant capacities at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Economy, where he applied his expertise in legal analysis and policy development, particularly related to cybercrime and international law.

At our firm, Joaquin assists clients in determining how they are well-positioned to advance their work in the United States, researches relevant topics for immigrant visas, and drafts critical legal documents. His role involves leveraging his specialized knowledge in criminal law and his comprehensive skills in international legal cooperation to enhance our ability to manage complex legal challenges effectively. His work not only underscores his profound legal acumen but also his commitment to fostering global collaboration and understanding in the realm of cyber law.

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