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Micaela B. Biondo

Micaela B. Biondo

Foreign Associate

Micaela B. Biondo is a foreign associate at our firm, an Argentine lawyer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires in 2022. Her career in law began at Estudio Galvan, where she honed her skills as a procuradora and paralegal, focusing on administrative responsibilities and legal preparations.

Following her initial role, she advanced her expertise in tax law as a Tax Paralegal at Marval O’Farrell Mairal, one of Argentina’s most prestigious law firms. Her responsibilities included intricate legal documentation and tax regulation compliance, enriching her understanding and skills in corporate law environments.

In 2022, Micaela expanded her horizons to the United States, where she worked remotely as a foreign associate, focusing in a broad spectrum of immigration-related matters from non-immigrant visas to complex immigrant visa PERM cases. Her fluency in Spanish and English and her extensive legal training make her adept at managing detailed and comprehensive visa applications, ensuring high accuracy and client satisfaction.

At our firm, Micaela continues to leverage her competencies in immigration law by assisting clients with their visa applications and navigating the intricate processes of U.S. immigration under the supervision of our lawyers.

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