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Ricardo Rosales

Ricardo Rosales

Foreign Associate

Ricardo Rosales is a foreign associate at our firm, holding an M.A. in Corporate Legal Management from the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracion (IESA) and a B.A. in Law from Universidad del Zulia. He is recognized for his profound capabilities in legal and professional standards, negotiations, and business planning. Ricardo is proficient in both English and Spanish and adept with technologies including the Microsoft Office Suite, SAP, and CRM systems, which are integral to his strategic planning and data analysis tasks.

Ricardo’s extensive professional background spans various significant roles where he has honed his contract management, legal project management, and compliance skills. His experience includes crafting detailed business plans aligned with USCIS requirements, developing comprehensive immigration application strategies, and managing sensitive legal documentation processes. His expertise notably encompasses a strong focus on mergers & acquisitions, international business, and legal department operations which have been pivotal in his effective handling of complex cases at our firm.

At our firm, Ricardo’s role is crucial in supporting clients through the intricacies of the immigration process. His work involves interacting effectively with clients to understand their needs and providing timely updates, which are fundamental in navigating the challenging landscape of immigration law and achieving successful outcomes. His ability to blend extensive legal knowledge with strategic business management skills makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

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