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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Austin E-1 Visa Lawyer

Austin E-1 Visa Lawyer

Global commerce today intertwines companies all around the world. The global economy in fact, depends on trade relationships between different countries. As such, essential workers and executives currently in countries that have trade treaties with the U.S. regularly visit the United States to represent the interests of the companies they work for, and to conduct business within America. If you are a foreign national and wish to enter the United States, our Austin E-1 Visa lawyer explains what you need to know below.

Eligibility Requirements for E-1 Visas

E-1 visas are available for essential employees and executives currently residing in countries that have a trade treaty with the United States. The federal government outlines the different countries that have trade treaties with the United States, and there are dozens. To be eligible for an E-1 visa, three requirements must be met. These are as follows:

  • The residents of a country that have a trade treaty with the United States must control a company or have a majority interest in the company,
  • The essential employee or executive must hold citizenship in the country that has a trade treaty with the United States, and
  • The foreign company must be currently engaged in a significant trade relationship with the American company

Essential employees are workers with exceptional qualifications and special training to the business investing in the U.S.

How Long Can You Stay in the United States on an E-1 Visa?

Generally speaking, most E-1 visas allow foreign nationals to remain in the United States for up to two years. However, these visas can be extended indefinitely. In most cases, these visas are extended in two-year increments. In order for a visa to be eligible for extension, there must be continuing substantial and viable trade continuing on in the United States.

E-1 Derivative Status

The principal beneficiary, or the worker that is an executive or essential employee, can also apply for derivative E-1 status for their family members. If granted, the employee can then bring their family members into the United States with them. Family members eligible for E-1 derivative status typically include spouses, who can also apply for employment with this immigration status, and unmarried children who are under the age of 21 years old. Children who are granted E-1 derivative status can also attend any education institution in the United States.

Call Our E-1 Visa Lawyer in Austin for Help with Your Case

The immigration system in the United States provides many ways for people to enter and work in the United States. Still, the process is not an easy one. At BBA Immigration, our Austin E-1 visa lawyers can help you navigate the process and give you and your family the best chance of a positive outcome. Call us now or connect with us online to schedule a consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys and to obtain the sound legal counsel you need.

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