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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Dallas EB-1A Visa Lawyer

Dallas EB-1A Visa Lawyer

When foreign nationals seek to enter the US to live and work on a permanent basis, they may apply for a visa under employment-based immigration rules established by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). There are five subcategories under the EB classification, and EB-1A is for applicants who have risen to the very top of their field in terms of knowledge and skills. Only certain individuals possess extraordinary ability according to the extremely strict criteria, which is why USCIS admits that it only issues these green cards to a small percentage of applicants.

Knowing that you face an uphill battle with the process for obtaining an EB-1A visa, you can see the importance of retaining knowledgeable legal counsel. Our attorneys at BBA Immigration have years of combined experience with all types of immigrant visas and green cards, as our firm specifically focuses on these cases. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation with a Dallas EB-1A Visa lawyer. You can also check out a summary of the legal concepts.

Facts About EB-1A Visas

The employment-based immigration category provides options for those who seek permanent resident status and eventually want to become US citizens. You must be able to show that you attained national or international accolades in science, the arts, education, business, or sports. Examples include such awards as a Pulitzer Prize, Olympic medal, Nobel prize, Oscar, or Emmy.

In addition, to acquire an EB-1A green card, applicants must prove that hethey or she will continue to work in their respective areas of expertise. There is no requirement for an employment offer or PERM labor certification.

USCIS Eligibility Rules

Possessing an internationally recognized award in the relevant field is just one of the ways an applicant can prove extraordinary ability for EB-1A. You may also qualify if you have evidence to meet other criteria established by USCIS, such as documentation on:

  • Membership in professional organizations;
  • Publications you authored;
  • Displays of your artistic creations;
  • Commercial successes in the arts; and,
  • Major contributions to the field.

Legal Process for EB-1A Visas

While some employment-based visas require the employer to file paperwork, the applicant prepares the EB-1A visa. Our Dallas EB-1A attorneys at BBA Immigration will walk you through the process and assist in getting USCIS essential evidence. The nature or our tasks varies, but we are prepared to handle the most common scenarios.

  • If you are in the US, you will request a change of status to EB-1A if you are already legally present.
  • Those seeking an EB-1A green card while in a foreign country must go through their consulate to obtain the proper documents. Upon receiving the visa, you will present it at the port of entry upon your arrival in the US.

Discuss the Legal Process with a Dallas EB-1A Lawyer

It helps to know the general process for employment-based green cards, but mistakes put you at risk of a denial or delays. Our team at BBA Immigration is ready to manage all essential tasks, so please contact us to set up a consultation with a Texas EB-1A attorney today.

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