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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Midland EB-1A Visa Lawyer

Midland EB-1A Visa Lawyer

Employment-based immigration provides a pathway for many people to become permanent residents of the United States. With an EB-1A visa, you have first preference in filing a petition and can benefit from the larger number of applications that are approved each year. However, meeting the qualifications and requirements for obtaining this type of visa often proves challenging, which is why you need our Midland EB-1A Visa lawyers on your side.

At BBA Immigration, you can count on us to provide the trusted legal guidance you need, helping you through the process of eventually obtaining your green card. Do not take chances when it comes to your career or the opportunity to come to the United States. Contact BBA Immigration to request a consultation today. .

Our Firm Has Decades of Experience Obtaining EB-1A Visas

An EB-1A visa is available to people with extraordinary abilities, professors and researchers, or certain others holding multinational executive or manager positions. The requirements for obtaining this type of visa through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) depends on which category you fall in.

As experienced Midland EB-1A lawyers, BBA Immigration have decades of experience helping clients in these cases. You can count on us to guide you through the application process, taking whatever legal actions are needed. This includes:

  • Thoroughly reviewing all the circumstances surrounding your case;
  • Determining what EB-1A category you fall in;
  • Gathering evidence of the criteria required;
  • Filing Form I-140, Petition for Alien Worker on your behalf;
  • Guiding business throughout the process as well, which can help in obtaining highly qualified, talented, and sought after employees.

What Criteria Must Be Met For An EB-1A Visa?

There are roughly 140,000 EB-1A visas that are made available by USCIS each year. As a first preference visa, this is significantly more than some other categories. However, the competition is still fierce. In addition to completing all required forms properly, a large part of getting your EB-1A visa approved depends on meeting certain criteria. This may includes:

  • Being a member of certain national or international organizations;
  • Receipt of national or international prizes and awards;
  • Authoring articles for major trade, industry, or scholarly publications;
  • Being asked to act as a judge or to sit on prestigious panels;
  • Providing research insights or making other unique contributions to the sciences, arts, academics, athletic, or business-related fields;
  • Having achieved commercial success in the arts and entertainment.

BBA Immigration is here to help you through the EB-1A application process, which generally takes about eight months to complete. An EB-1A visa is valid for ten years and renewable, and can also allow you to bring your spouse and child to the U.S. with you.

Request A Consultation With Our Midland EB-1A Immigration Lawyers

To find out more about the EB-1A visa application process and whether you meet the criteria for this type of visa, reach out to BBA Immigration. Our Midland EB-1A immigration lawyers provide the trusted, experienced legal representation you need. To request a consultation, call or contact BBA Immigration online today.

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