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Hortensia Gomez

Hortensia Gomez


Hortensia Gomez serves as an analyst at our firm, bringing over a decade of specialized experience as a Personal Injury and Damage Specialist from Venezuela. With her comprehensive legal education and hands-on experience in high-profile projects, she plays a pivotal role in the professional development within the legal field, particularly in immigration law.

Throughout her career, Hortensia has been instrumental in leading initiatives designed to train legal professionals, enhancing their capabilities in processing and monitoring immigration procedures. Her expertise covers extensive legal matters and includes a significant focus on client interaction—ensuring that clients are well-informed and their needs comprehensively understood.

At BBA Law Group, Hortensia is dedicated to supporting our legal team by contributing insightful discussions on case strategies and providing robust support in research and documentation. Her proactive approach involves anticipating the needs of both lawyers and clients, enabling her to address potential issues before they arise and ensuring a smoother process for all parties involved.

Her commitment to excellence and her strategic foresight make Hortensia an invaluable asset to our firm, where she continues to enhance our client services and legal outcomes through her skilled anticipation and client management strategies.

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