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Category Archives: O-1 Visa


Common Mistakes That Can Prevent You Getting Approved For An O-1 Visa

By BBA Immigration |

The O-1 visa is a visa for individuals who have extraordinary abilities and achievements. For an applicant to obtain an O-1 visa, there are certain things they must do, and certain problems they must avoid.  How Often Do O-1 Visas Get Approved?  The O-1 visa approval rate for the past three-years is as follows:… Read More »

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Can You Receive An O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa?

By BBA Immigration |

Individuals with extraordinary abilities can come to the United States to work and live. To accomplish this, those individuals must apply for an O-1 Extraordinary Ability visa. For their application to be successful, they must be able to demonstrate their extraordinary ability and apply for their visa in the proper manner.  Are You Eligible… Read More »

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