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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Blog > Immigration > What Is The English Naturalization Test?

What Is The English Naturalization Test?


Right before an immigrant can become a naturalized U.S. citizen, they must take a naturalization test. The naturalization test consists of two major components:

  • A civics test.
  • An English test.

By being aware of what the English naturalization test consists of, it will be much easier to pass the test and obtain United States citizenship.

What Are The Three Components Of The English Naturalization Test?

Every immigrant, who wishes to become a U.S. citizen must demonstrate their ability to read, write, and speak basic English. And, in order for an immigrate to demonstrate their ability to do so, the three components of the English naturalization test are as follows:

  • A speaking test.
  • A reading test.
  • A writing test.

Every single one of these tests consists of several components that differ from the other tests. By being aware of these components, an immigrant can prepare for each test, ensuring that they pass their English naturalization test.

What Does The Speaking Test Consist Of? 

The speaking test consists of the individual conducting the test asking the immigrant a series of questions. Every single one of these questions pertains to an immigrant’s eligibility and, as such, many of these questions can be found in the naturalization application an immigrant uses to apply for citizenship.

To pass the speaking test, an immigrant must respond meaningfully to questions that pertain to their eligibility for U.S. citizenship. By doing so, they will pass the test.

A failure to understand sufficient English – responding to the questions they are asked – will lead to an immigrant failing their English speaking test..

What Does The Reading Test Consist Of? 

The reading test consists of an immigrant reading three English sentences. Even though there are three sentences, within the reading test, an immigrant only needs to read one sentence.

When an immigrant reads their one sentence, they must do so in a manner that:

  • Does not contain extended pauses.
  • Is understandable for the official administering the test.
  • Conveys the meaning of the sentence.

Right after an immigrant reads their one sentence in a manner that meets the above criteria, the test will end. But, an immigrant will fail the test if they make one of the following mistakes:

  • Omits and/or substitutes a word within the sentence.
  • Pauses for an extended period of time while reading the sentence.
  • Makes significant pronunciation/intonation errors.

Each one of these mistakes will prevent an immigrant from passing the speaking test and obtaining U.S. citizenship.

What Does The Writing Test Consist Of?

 The writing test consists of an immigrant writing out one sentence. But, in order for an immigrant to pass the writing test, the sentence they write must:

  • Be written in a way that the official administering the test can understand.
  • Contains few spelling, grammatical, and/or capitalization errors.
  • Includes every word of the sentence that the immigrant was asked to write.

Some of the mistakes that will lead to an immigrant failing their writing test are as follows:

  • Writing a different sentence.
  • Using words that are not in the sentence.
  • Producing an illegible sentence.
  • Relying on abbreviations.

All of these mistakes will prevent an immigrant from passing the writing test.

Speak With A Houston Immigration Lawyer 

Right before you can become a U.S. citizen, you must take the English naturalization test. Speak with a Houston immigration lawyer and we can assist you in applying for U.S. citizenship and moving forward with the process.




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