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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Dallas E-1 Visa Lawyer

Dallas E-1 Visa Lawyer

Rules enacted by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) allow foreign nationals to temporarily work in the US for purposes of treaty trading under an E-1 visa. There are strict eligibility regulations on what countries qualify, as well as multiple criteria that the individual must meet. Employees who work for the person or organization designated as a treaty trader may also seek an E-1 visa. Additional rules cover the period of stay, and family members may qualify to accompany the treaty trader or employee.

Our team at BBA Immigration is knowledgeable about the legal requirements for E-1 visas, as we have extensive experience assisting treaty traders with the application process. We will gather essential information to prove that you qualify, so that errors do not cause delays or denials. Please contact our firm today to set up a consultation with a Dallas E-1 Visa lawyer who can provide additional details. Some general information on treaty trader visas is also useful.

Important Facts About E-1 Visas

Initially, you should note that these visas are only available with respect to nations that have a treaty or other qualifying international agreement. Plus:

  • A treaty trader must carry on substantial trade, which means a continuous flow of trade-related activity and numerous transactions over time.
  • Principal trade must be between the US and the treaty country the E-1 visa is based upon. This benchmark is met by showing that more than 50 percent of the volume of the treaty trader’s business is between the US and the subject treaty country.

Conditions That Apply to E-1 Visas

In addition to the facts listed above, there are certain terms that holders of E-1 visas should bear in mind.

  • A treaty trader is limited to working in the activity that was indicated on the original application for the E-1 visa.
  • When there is a substantive change in circumstances affecting the circumstances under which the E-1 visa was approved, the treaty trader must report to USCIS. Examples include a merger, acquisition, or sale of an individual division where the individual was employed.
  • The initial E-1 visa period is 2 years, and a person can request an extension of stay in 2 year increments.

How a Lawyer Can Assist

Our Dallas E-1 attorneys are dedicated to helping you navigate the complicated application process, as well as extensions of stay and changes of status. We will consult with individuals and businesses to collect important documentation and support for the petition. BBA Immigration can also assist in helping with visas for spouses and children seeking to accompany their family member to the US.

A Dallas E-1 Lawyer Will Handle All Essential Tasks

From the above, you can see that it is critical to get legal help if you are seeking a temporary worker visa as a treaty trader or employee. For more information on eligibility and the legal process, please contact BBA Immigration to schedule a consultation. After reviewing your circumstances, a Texas E-1 attorney can explain how US immigration laws apply.

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