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The Advantages Of An Immediate Relative Visa


A wide assortment of different family-based immigration visas are available to those who would like to live, visit, and/or work in the United States.

Just as you might assume, one of these family-based immigration visas is an immediate relative visa.

Going over the advantages of pursuing, and obtaining, an immediate relative visa, while speaking with an immigration lawyer, makes it easier to bring one’s relatives into the United States.

What Is An Immediate Relative Visa? 

Right before we can clarify what, exactly, an immediate relative visa happens to be, there is one more fact we must clarify.

The fact, in question, is as follows: there are two types of family-based visas, and they are “family preference” and “immediate relative.”

Just as the title suggests, an immediate relative visa is for the immediate relatives of a United States citizen. And, with that in mind, the individuals considered “immediate relatives” are as follows:

  • The spouse of a U.S. citizen.
  • The unmarried child – if they are under 21 years of age – of a U.S. citizen.
  • The parent of a U.S. citizen – they must be at least 21 years old.
  • The adopted orphan of a U.S. citizen.
  • An orphan who is set to be adopted by a U.S. citizen.

If a U.S. citizen would like to bring one of their family members into the United States, and those family members belong to one of the categories outlined above, then they can bring them in on the immediate relative category.

On the other hand, if those relatives do not meet this criteria, then the family preference visa category will need to be pursued.

What Are The Advantages Of An Immediate Relative Visa?

 The advantages of an immediate relative visa are as follows:

  • If a U.S. citizen would like to bring an immediate relative into the United States, they can do so with greater ease, as there are an unlimited number of immediate relative visas available each year.
  • If a U.S. citizen would like to bring an immediate relative into theUnited States, then they can do so without their relatives being forced to wait for a visa number.
  • If a U.S. citizen would like to bring an immediate relative into the United States, then their relatives can often do so, even if they have made certain errors that could lead to a visa denial.

Regarding the latter point, these errors” are called “bars of adjustment.” And, some common bars of adjustment are as follows:

  • Working in the United States, without authorization to do so.
  • Overstaying a United States visa.
  • Failing to maintain a lawful immigration status while in the United States.

If a relative has made one of those errors, then that is okay. They can still obtain a visa, so long as they satisfy the requirements of the immediate relative visa category.

Speak With A Houston Marriage & Family Visa Lawyer 

If you are a U.S. citizen who wants to bring your immediate relatives into the United States, you are going to need some legal assistance

Speak with a Houston marriage & family visa lawyer at BBA Immigration today and we will help you, and your relatives, obtain the desired immigration arrangement.




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