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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Blog > EB-2 Visa > You Can Use Citations To Strengthen Your EB-2 NIW Application

You Can Use Citations To Strengthen Your EB-2 NIW Application


Every immigrant is different. And, for this reason, every EB-2 NIW application is a little different; a scientist’s EB-2 NIW application will differ from an entrepreneur’s EB-2 NIW application, for example.

Even though the above is true, there are certain things any immigrant can do, regardless of their proposal, to strengthen their EB-2 NIW application.

Just as one might assume, one of the things an immigrant can do to strengthen their EB-2 NIW is employing citations, to further validate the claims made within their application.

Clarifying the importance of citations in an EB-2 NIW application, and speaking with a lawyer, will make it easier for an immigrant to obtain an EB-2 NIW visa.

What Are Citations And Why Are They Important?

A citation is a quotation that, within this context, is from something an immigrant has written/produced. In the alternative, you can cite research or articles that relate to the immigrant’s endeavor.

For example, if an immigrant happens to be an Artificial Intelligence researcher, they may have written papers that have influenced the field.

If the above is true, then that immigrant can create citations, regarding those papers, to demonstrate their expertise and influence, among a wide variety of other, related, things.

Citations are important for one major reason: if an immigrant wishes to obtain an EB-2 NIW, they must develop a proposal that is:

  • Capable of being advanced by the immigrant.
  • Beneficial to the United States.
  • Of national importance and, therefore, substantial merit.

To further the claim that their proposed endeavor satisfies the criteria outlined above, an immigrant can cite their previous work in the  field that they belong to.

Right before we clarify how an immigrant should employ citations, there is one more thing to mention: citations are only one part of an EB-2 NIW application and an effective application relies on many other forms of good evidence.

How Can You Use Citations In Your EB-2 NIW Application?

 The best way an immigrant can use citations in their EB-2 NIW application is by:

  • Selecting the best works that they can cite and, then, citing only those best works.
  • Clarifying the ways in which their cited work led to significant advancements/serious challenges.
  • Outlining the ways in which their cited work has influenced their chosen field.

If an immigrant can employ citations in the manner outlined above, then their citations will be effective, within the context of their proposal.

Outside of the above, an immigrant should consider citing:

  • The work that has been published in books, publications, journals, and magazines; among others.
  • Different papers, articles, and essays that were created as a response to their work.
  • Published work that is from accredited, peer-reviewed, and/or respected publications.

Citing the above will allow an immigrant to further their claims, while also demonstrating that their work is respected and, in turn, that it has been influential.

Speak With A Houston EB-2 NIW Lawyer Today 

If you would like to live, and work, in the United States, by obtaining an EB-2 NIW visa, then you need legal assistance. Speak with a Houston EB-2 NIW lawyer at BBA Immigration today and we will help you obtain the visa you need.




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