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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Blog > E-1 Visa > Can You Receive An E-1 Treaty Trader Visa?

Can You Receive An E-1 Treaty Trader Visa?


The E-1 Treaty Trader visa allows treaty traders who wish to conduct business between the United States and their home country to enter and live within the United States.

With the E-1 visa, a trader can enter the United States and then live within the United States. This allows that individual to conduct substantial trade between the United States and their home country.

To receive the E-1 visa, an individual must fulfill a specific set of requirements. And, then, that individual must apply in the proper manner.

Failing to meet the specific requirements, or a failure to apply in the proper manner, can prevent that individual from receiving their E-1 visa.

What Are The Requirements For An E-1 Treaty Trader Visa?

To apply for an E-1 Treaty Trader visa, an applicant must be a national citizen of one of the treaty countries the United States conducts business with.

Assuming those two requirements are met, an applicant must conduct substantial trades. No less than 50% of these trades must be between the United States and the treaty country they are from.

The USCIS defines “trade” as the following: the existing international exchange of items of trade for consideration between the United States and the treaty country.

Given this definition, applicants who conduct substantial trades in items such as physical goods, technology, and insurance – among many others – may be eligible for an E-1 visa.

Substantial trade is a form of trade that ensures a continuous flow of international trade items between the United States and the treaty country. With this definition in mind, there is no minimum income requirement that must be met, nor is there a minimum volume requirement.

Applicants who conduct trades on a frequent basis are looked upon more favorably than those who conduct fewer trades of greater value.

How Can You Apply For An E-1 Treaty Trader Visa?

To apply for an E-1 Treaty Trader visa, applicants generally have two options.

Applicants who are currently in the United States must file the Form I-129 Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. By doing so, that applicant can make their case and, then, change their current immigration status to that of an E-1 Treaty Trader.

For applicants who are living outside of the United States, they may apply abroad. To do so, they must work with their local U.S. Embassy or Consulate. Upon reaching the border, the applicant can, if their petition was successful, enter as an E-1 nonimmigrant.

No matter where the applicant is living at the time of their application, they must demonstrate the substantial trade they plan on conducting. Doing so requires putting together the proper supporting documentation.

Contact A Houston E-1 Treaty Trader Visa Lawyer Today

The process of applying for an E-1 Treaty Trader visa is relatively simple. But, determining your eligibility and compiling the appropriate documentation can be a confusing process.

Speak to an experienced Houston E-1 visa lawyer today. We will assist you in determining your eligibility and putting together the necessary documentation.





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