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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Blog > Immigration > What To Expect During An Immigrant Visa Interview

What To Expect During An Immigrant Visa Interview


To receive any one of the visas that the United States offer, an applicant will, more often than not, need to conduct an interview at their nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

A successful interview allows the applicant to receive their intended visa. But, an unsuccessful interview can make acquiring this visa far more difficult.

By preparing for their immigrant visa  interview, it’s far more likely that an applicant will receive their visa with ease.

The Purpose Of A Visa Interview 

The purpose of a visa interview is to assess whether or not the applicant meets the requirements of the visa they are applying for. Every visa comes with its own requirements and, if those requirements aren’t met, the visa application will be denied.

Outside of that purpose, though, there is yet another requirement: to ensure that the applicant intends to return to their home country.

Every visa the United States offers is, in the end, only temporary. Some of these visas can last for quite some time but, in the end, the applicant must return home at some point or another.

What To Do Before The Interview? 

Before a visa interview, every applicant must:

  • Complete a medical examination that is conducted by a Panel Physician
  • Register for courier service
  • Gather, and bring, all required documents

Every applicant’s situation differs, when it comes to required documents. Some of the most common required documents include:

  • The original/certified versions of every civil document that was submitted to the NVC
  • Photographs of each applicant
  • Some form of financial proof; bank statements or income statements, for example

Each one of these documents should be organized and labeled in a clear, concise manner. This way, the individual conducting the interview can go through this documentation quickly.

 What To Bring To A Visa Interview?

 Right before going to their visa interview, every applicant must bring:

  • The appointment letter they received from the National Visa Center
  • A valid passport
  • 2 identical color photographs of each applicant
  • DS-260 confirmation notice
  • All visa-specific supporting documentation

Every single one of these documents is absolutely essential. Applicants who fail to bring these documents may not be able to conduct an interview on their scheduled day.

 What To Expect During A Visa Interview? 

Every visa interview is different as every applicant is different. But, even though this is the case, there are some commonalities found across most visa interviews. Some of these include:

  • The length – most visa interviews are 5-to-10-minutes.
  • Documentation – every claim the applicant makes must be backed up with documentation.
  • Clarification – the applicant must clarify their intentions, with regards to their intended immigrant visa.
  • Returning home – the applicant must demonstrate that they intend to return to their home country.

To ensure their visa interview goes well, every applicant should practice:

  • Articulating their intentions, with regards to their intended visa
  • Outlining their plans for returning home
  • Clarify their ties to their home country
  • Outlining their financial situation
  • Being concise

By keeping the commonalities mentioned earlier in mind, and practicing the above, it is likely that an applicant will receive their visa.

Speak With A Skilled Houston Immigration Lawyer 

The immigrant visa interview can be challenging. But, if you’re prepared, it’s much easier.

Speak with a skilled Houston immigration lawyer today. We will walk you through what to expect, with regards to your situation, and how to prepare for your immigrant visa interview.




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