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Houston Immigration Lawyers > Blog > Immigration > How Can You Report A Change Of Address To The USCIS?

How Can You Report A Change Of Address To The USCIS?


Every single legal immigrant must, when living within the United States, report a change of address to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services.

A failure to report a change of address can, and will, lead to penalties. But, by being aware of how to report a change of address, these penalties can be prevented.

What Is A Change Of Address? 

A change of address is when an immigrant moves from their address to another address. Some examples of a change of address are as follows:

  • An immigrant moving from Yuma, Arizona to Phoenix, Arizona.
  • An immigrant moving to the other side of the town they currently live in.
  • An immigrant moving into a new apartment, within the same apartment building.

Even though some of these changes are minimal, they are still considered a change of address. For this reason, these changes must be reported to the USCIS.

 What Are The Consequences Of Not Reporting A Change Of Address?

 The consequences of not reporting a change of address are as follows:

  • Being forced to pay a fine.
  • Being imprisoned for a period of time.
  • Being deported from the United States.

Regarding the latter consequence, this is rare. But, in certain cases, the court may seek to deport an immigrant who failed to report a change of address.

To prevent deportation, an immigration must prove, to the court, that their failure to report a change of address was not willful and was, instead, an accident. By doing so, they will, in many cases, prevent themselves from being deported.

No matter the change of address that occurs, it must be reported within ten-days of the change being made. A failure to do so can lead to significant consequences.

 How Can You Report A Change Of Address To The USCIS?

 To report a change of address to the USCIS, an immigrant has two options:

  • Going online and using their USCIS online account, if they filed their immigration form online.
  • Filing a Form AR-11 document, using the online “Change Of Address” page.

Regarding the second option, an immigrant who chooses to use the “Change Of Address” page will need to provide the following information:

  • Their old address.
  • Their new/current address.
  • Their current email address
  • A receipt number, assuming they have a pending immigration case.

The two options outlined above are safe, easy, and efficient. Regardless of the option that is used, the USCIS will receive an immigrant’s change of address. Due to being aware of an immigrant’s change of address, the USCIS will know where to send important immigration documents.

Outside of reporting a change of address to the USCIS, immigrants who are currently going through a case with the immigration court must also report a change of address directly to the immigration court. A change of address, when reported to the USCIS, does not affect the address that the immigration court has on file.

Speak With A Houston Immigration Attorney 

Every time an immigrant moves, they must report their change of address to the USCIS. Speak with a Houston immigration attorney today and we will assist you in obtaining the best possible legal outcome.





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