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Common Mistakes When Applying For A Green Card


The green card application process consists of several individual steps. Each one of these steps must be completed in a very particular manner. A failure to complete these steps in that manner will lead to that green card application being denied.

By being aware of the most common mistakes that lead to the green card application steps being completed improperly, it’s much easier to produce an effective application.

The Most Common Mistakes A Green Card Applicant Can Make 

Every green card application consists of several distinct steps. By being aware of the mistakes that can arise when going over these steps, it is much easier to avoid making these mistakes.

Failing To Provide A Proper Photo 

A green card application requires a “passport-style” photo. The requirements for this green card application photo are as follows:

  • The photo must be in color.
  • The photo must’ve been taken within the last six-months.
  • The photo must be a clear image.
  • The photo must not use any filters.
  • The photo must not feature any eyeglasses.
  • The photo must be taken by someone else and not a selfie.

Each one of these requirements must be met and, if a green card application contains a photo that does not meet those requirements, it will be denied.

Failing To Provide Translated Documents 

Every applicant must submit certain documents when applying for a green card. Some of these documents may be in another language.

To ensure that the application is accepted, the non-English documents must be translated into English. But, that’s not all, as these translations must be officially certified.

Even though the documents have been translated into English, the non-English version of those documents must also be included.

A failure to provide translated documents that have been officially certified will lead to the denial of a green card application.

Failing To Provide Information

 To apply for a green card application, every applicant must provide this information on their application. Some of the information that might need be provided on a green card application is as follows:

  • Current Legal Name
  • Age
  • The Purpose Of Moving To The United States
  • Education History
  • Employment

On a green card application, there are prompts and questions that the applicant may not have an answer to, due to the prompt/question not being applicable to their situation.

Even if this is the case, the applicant must still fill in the box. To do so, they can write “N/A”, which serves as an effective answer.

A failure to fill in each box, and to clarify that a prompt/question is not applicable to that applicant’s situation, will lead to that green card application being denied.

Failing To Pay The Green Card Application Fees 

Every green card application comes with various fees. Each one of these fees must be paid at a particular time, in order for the application to be successful.

A failure to pay these fees will lead to the application being denied. But, if the applicant does not possess enough money, they may be able to apply for a fee waiver. Whether or not they receive this waiver depends on their circumstances.

Speak With A Skilled Immigration Lawyer 

Sometimes, putting together a green card application is difficult. Speak with a skilled Houston immigration lawyer today and we will assist you in producing a green card application that leads to permanent citizenship.





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